I read Scoble badmouthing a coffee chain this morning.

My brother warns you not to do any business with a franchise who wants $30,000 up front. A search of Google brings you to Wikipedia, who tells you who has a similar business model to Java Jo’z, including a lot of the same employees.

By the time I got to the linked wikipedia article, the content Scoble referred to was gone. I started checking out the history of the article to see what happened. Most recently, there have been some minor changes.

It's aroundthis edit that things start to get interesting, and I start to get an idea what Scoble was seeing. Tracking back, there seem to be a few paragraphs consistently added and removed..

Fun. Pointless, and I don't really care, but it was fun.

Can anyone tell me what Scoble's brother's problem is? I just had a quick skim of the last few ports of his blog, and it sounds like the problem, in a nutshell, is that he was stupid enough to hand over money before he'd signed a contract, or possible without properly reading the contact. It's hard to say though, as the quality of the writing is even worse than in Eragon...