Just made a few changes to the stylesheet used on the site.

First, I stole quote.png and a bit of css from dmiessler (Why do I write about him so often? Does this qualify him as an internet crush?)

Second, I copied (and tweaked) this:

# ol#notes blockquote:before {

# content : " "attr(cite)" said: ";

# margin-left : 20px;

# font-weight : bold;

Remove the reliance on ol#notes, change the margine from 20px to -20px, and remove the font-weight, and viola, we have what you see now.

Of course, I have now idea how this is going to look in your aggregator of choice - probably no different at all.

I'd like for the URL there to be an actual hyperlink; but according to the 5 minutes worth of reading I did just now, CSS alone can't do this - it would have to involve javascript.

Hrm. I'm thinking that perhaps a drupal input filter would be a better choice. hrm.