I want a linkblog thinger.

I have several ways I can flag things as being interesting:

* Google Reader (see right hand bar, or the feed

* Google Bookmarks (see feed

* Del.icio.us bookmarks (and feed - not that I've used this in forever (gBookmark's integration with Firefox bookmarks is just too convenient), but I could)

I'd like a little robot that, once a day[1], prepares a nice little post for me here, with the day's worth of links from all of those places.

I'd like the post to be populated with all those links; their tags (for sites that show tags); and their description (for those sites that allow a description; and instead, a blank field for me to type a brief description if I so desire). It should not be published, but only put into the moderation queue, ready for me to come along and tweak before publishing.

If there aren't any links for that day (because, say, I'm on holiday), it should not make a post.

Why hasn't one been written? Tom Coates has it down pat. That's exactly what I'm looking for.


This rant has been bought to you by the letters D (for Drupal upgrade) and S (Sleep, lack thereof) and the number 3 (no particular reason).

Oh, and completely unrelatedly, I bring you An Fantastic Tirade against polygamy (it starts off apparently pro-gay-marriage, but then switches to a big polygamy-doesn't-work tirade).

[1] Well, it should probably check the feeds more than once a day, just in case I add more links than that particular feed allows. Only make the post once per day though.