I've just reconfigured Flickr to post to a new blog I've created just for it. Actually, there's two blogs - one for moblog content, and one that's a... what do you call a linkblog that's exclusively links to photos on flickr? Photog? Phoblog?

Depending on what feed you have in your aggregator, you may see the new flickr content - or you may not.

Anything that has "zhasper" in the url (aside from the zhasper.com) won't - eg, http://zhasper.com/blog/zhasper/feed won't show the pics from flickr.

If you do want to see them:

* http://zhasper.com/node/feed will show you all content from all the feeds on this site

* http://zhasper.com/zhasper/feed will show you just the content from this, my main blog

* http://zhasper.com/moblog/feed will show you just the moblogging

* http://zhasper.com/flickr/feed will show you just the phoblogging

For tons more feeds to choose from, see http://zhasper.com/sitemap. Ah, the joys of having overpowered CMSes to run a simple blog..


Or don't, the choice is yours :)

(Livejournal types, you should be seeing the second feed, so you're going to miss the moblogging and such. If anyone has a paid account, I can show you how to set up feeds for those too - otherwise, get a real aggregator - Google Read is very nice :)