My old phone, a P910i, died yesterday under mysterious circumstances.

I went out today and bought a K610i. All I wanted was a small phone, with simple addressbook/calendar functionality, no moving parts (at least, no flipping or sliding bits), and bluetooth so that I could sync with my phone. The K610 was the smallest and cheapest I could find that met those criteria - admittedly, I didn't look very hard.

It also has some ridiculous features, like an RSS reader and a 2Mp camera. What happened to just-a-phone?

iSync doesn't know about it natively, but a couple of plugins from (and about $5AU) later, it's working fine.

I feel lame. I know damn well that all that is in those plugins is a few xml doo-dads, which I could have made myself - hell, there's even decent instructions on macosxhints for setting up a very similar phone. After spending about 10 minutes on it and not getting it working, I decided that 3 british pounds was worth paying.