Huzzah! The site hath been upgraded!New features:

* Cleaner interface

* Better email-harvesting-bot protection

* More invasive ads - small banners below each of the first three items on the front page, rather than one big glob on the right-hand side[1]

* Most of the items in the right-hand nav can be collapsed, or for logged-in users, removed altogether

* Comments box now has an option to remember your details

* Much AJAX goodness, although only I can see that.

Hrm, I'm sure there was more than that.. There's buttons for digging, deliciousing, google-bookmarking, and stuff like that, as well.

I'm excited!

Ah, that's right. Some other new features:

* Captchas are broken, so comments from unauthenticated users will be saved for moderation. Comments from authenticated users will go straight through.

* Each blog entry will now have a "Diff" tab: to see what changes I made to a post, go to its page (eg, for this one, click on the "New site is up" heading at the top of the item, and end up here, and click "diff".

* There is enhanced spam-reporting: anyone can report a comment as being suspected spam.

[1] This may, or may not, be a feature, depending on your point of view.