Mal mentioned patron saints.

On a whim, I did a quick google, and was astonished by some of the things the Catholics have thought worthy of patronage.

There's a patron saint for Abdominal Pains, one for Strokes. Both Blood Banks and Blood Donors have their own - and appropriately, the one for Donors is Our Lady of the Thorns. Breast Feeding gets two - one of them a man. The same man is the Patron Saint of the Physically Disabled - I'm not sure if this is the Catholic Church expressing an opinion on breast feeding or not.

The patron saint of Global Warming wasn't listed, but I think we can assume that Alexander the charcoal-burner (and Patron Saint of those in his profession) would have to be near the list.

There's a patron saint for "Desire for Children" - I think that's meant to refer to the desire to bear one's own children, but I suspect he's been having a few jobs on the side the last few decades.

Some of the pairings in the list are odd, to say the least. Genevieve is patron saint of Drought, but also of "Rain, excessive". Dismas (patron of Thieves) probably doesn't get on very well with Leonard of Noblac (patron of "Thieves, danger from")

My favorite from this list has to be this Adrian of Nicomedia: Patron Saint of Arms Dealers.