It's always funny when two people you know, who hadn't previously known each other well, meet and get a chance to get properly interested in each other.

It's always funny hearing seperately from both of them their side of the story.

It's always funny when you can put their stories together and realise they're talking about each other.

It's always funny when they both have blogs, and independently blog about the new man in their life, thus enabling the whole world to put the stories together.

Even funnieris when one of their blogs is a LiveJournal they've not used in years, but felt compelled to make their return to LJ a post about the other person.

Funniest of all is when that post subsequently gets made friends-only and unreadable to the general public, but not until ones aggregator had a chance to grab the entry and save it for ones perusal weeks later.

Sounds like you guys had a great 4 hours :) I wish I could have been at that party!