Why Open Source means longevity of applications

In the meantime, the MediaFork project started as an independant effort to add features and enhancements to the latest HandBrake codebase and provide users with updates…

Let’s be clear that MediaFork is not a concurrent project. I am glad someone else did what I couldn’t find the time to do, and our intent is to join efforts and resources from now on – stay tuned.

This is why Open Source means that an application can continue to be useful. The original author was busy, and didn’t have time to work on Handbrake any more. If the app had been closed source, that would mean that development had ceased. Even worse, if the application had been shareware/trialware/commercial at all, it would have meant that those users who paid money found themselves with an unsupported, dead, application.

Because it was Open Source, other people who did have time were able to run with the project and develop it.

In other news, breating air is good (especially when it contains about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen). Water is good to drink, and also to swim in – but try not to drink water that other people have been swimming in. Unless you’re a fish, that is…

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