I'm on holiday. Net access is restricted[1]. Not blogging much, might change after thursday.

You can keep track of my Flickr photostream to see what I'm up to. There's feedses and stuff over there.

[1] Staying at www.ipanema.com.au. They said they have wireless in ~3/4 of the rooms, we specifically requested a room with access and were promised it. We don't have access in our room, their only response is that "Sorry, it's new for us, doesn't always work". Not reccomended[2][3].

[2] I wonder how to spell recommended? I'm at a crappy net kiosk thing, using the big-e browser, hence, no spellchecking. Boo. (update: now using a real browser, which let me fix it, woo!)

[3] Okay, I've changed my mind. If you definitely must have net access in your room, this place isn't for you, yet. However, they admit that it's a new system that they're trialling... Aside from not having wireless in the room, it's a pretty nice place, although the room we have is a bit small for a 1-bedroom apartment. The service has been good - late checkin not a problem, the problem with the door was resolved promptly, etc.