The English are notoriously homosexualist.

With the exception of our esteemed colleagues in Christ, the English as a whole are infamous for their tolerance, if not outright preference, for homosexualism, particularly amongst the so-called governing class. That the nefarious agenda of these disgusting reprobates has now stretching its dripping tentacles into the schoolroom comes as no surprize to me. After all, the homosexualist, in his perversion, is only one short step away from paedophiliaism, and the powers that be on that stunted island are clearly seeking to turn English young from a healthy lifestyle for their own depraved interests. Even the French, renowned for their perversion, consider the English moral retards in the eyes of the Lord, and for once the surrender monkeys are correct. I foresee the day when the inhabitants of that previously stalwart nation are mocked throughout the Christian world for their effeminacy. Frankly, given the increasing trend toward this type of unGodliness, I fully expect the English to become full allies with the Arabs within fifty years.

From True Christians Unite!!! forum, via Fundies Say The Darndest Things