I just went to the movies.

Let's use my twitters to recap the night:

* Just saw an ad at the cinema about dianetics - specifically targetting people with depression. Disgusting.

Yes, that's right. "Pills don't cure depression. Dianetics does. Get your free dianetics book today - ". Redacted by me, not by the cinema.

Got me rather riled up. Targeting people when they're at their lowest point.. despicable.

* Watching children sneak in to a documentary about paedophile priests is disturbing

There were a group of about 3 15ish year old girls sneaking in, giggling over how they'd been so naughty as to sneak into a movie.

I felt concerned; I didn't think they appreciated what they had gotten themselves into.

* Watching them flee in horror when they realize what they've done is priceless

But oh well; before I got a chance, the priest came on to talk about kid-touchin. They realized, exchanged looks of horror, got up and ran out as fast as they could.

* I don't understand how the catholic church can claim to be a christian church. Have they not read the bible?

My Christian upbringing was in an Open Brethren church. The church was decidedly sparse; there were pews, plain-coloured walls, a pulpit, a piano and an organ. Contrast this with the Catholic monuments shown in the movie: my first thought was "Oh the idolatry, that's wicked". There were pictures all over the walls, there was ornamentation everywhere. Yes, it creates a sense of awe - but I really don't see how it can be possible to get close to God in such an environment. then again, as Catholic priests in the documentary admitted, that's not the point - the point is to produce a crowd of people who are docile and submit to every commandment from the clergy.

I want to rant more about my theology (and current lack of faith)... but it's late now, so I'm going to bed.