Twitter have an update to their blog, entitled Australian Clarity:

Here's more information on our recent changes to our international access number for SMS user with special regard to folks in Australia. We use a UK number to support Australia, but our old number did not work for all Australians and some messages were routed in a roundabout way that was inefficient and in some cases more expensive.

So, we got a new UK number that works for everyone in Australia. In order to switch numbers, we had to do some development work. If for some reason you're an Australian Twitter-er and you're not happy or having difficulty with our SMS feature, please do let us know.

Still not addressing the fact that they blocked access to the old number, even for those people who were happy with the cost.

Still not addressing the fact that the new number is just as expensive as the old number. Instead, they're talking about the old number "not working" for some users.

Sorry, but that wasn't your stated reason for the move; you said you were going to save us money. You've given us a solution that doesn't save us any money, but you're pretending to have fixed our problems.

The comments indicate that I'm not the only person pissed off. brendanb says:


So the whole thing about the Australian Number was simply a smoke screen because your last number was more expensive for you?

It's just as expensive and unreliable now, as it was then.

It's still slow, it's still not what you said you were doing..

There's a response from Biz, which ignores the fact that it's still expensive, ignores the fact that brendanb says the service is still slow and flaky.

It's a good thing this company doesn't charge - no-one would pay to be lied to like this.