Last Friday was my last day at my previous employer, about whom no more will be said.

Next Monday will be my first day at a small search/ads/apps company you may have heard about, called Google.

In between, I took a week off. I had some crazy plans at one point - I was going to migrate everything from the server it's currently hosted on across to a new server, for instance. But, when the time came to either get out of bed and work on that, or to not get out of bed... well, I can work on the server next week but I can't sleep in next week, so guess which won out?

I've had a very nice week doing very little. It's just a pity that the weather has been so crappy lately..

I should get around to migrating over the next month or two. Along the way, hopefully I'll find out why the pages on this site render so damn slowly - I'd never accept this performance on any of the sites I've looked after professionally, and there's no reason why this site should be so slow.