urltea.com was created to fix a deficiency Chris Pirillo saw in tinyurl.com (sorry, I can't find the original twits - can anyone else dig them up?).

As urltea's about page says:

Chris Pirillo twittered his frustration at TinyURLs not being 'pretty' or 'semantic' when he posted them into Twitter, ie, it wasn't obvious what was behind them.






The great thing about this though was you could add as much description as you cared, but if it got cut short (ie, by Twitter's 140 character limit), the url would still function properly, as long as everything before the question mark was intact.

(:s indicate snippage by me)

So why is it that the only person I ever see using urltea.com is Chris Pirillo - and even *he* doesn't use the one feature distinguishes urltea from tinyurl?

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Oh wait - there's two uses of tinyurl in there. I guess it's not so bad after all.

What's my point? Good question. I don't really have a point: I just think that it's amusing that something created solely to fill one person's perceived lack of a single feature in an existing product - is now primarily used by that person in a way that doesn't use that single feature, and could just as easily be served by the old product.