I sent this email:

> I'm currently using the username zhasper_


> This is because, at some point, I signed up with the username zhasper. I don't

> know what email address I used for this username, and I have no idea what my

> password was. As a result, I've not logged in since just after I created the

> account.


> Is it possible for you to send a password reminder/reset email to the email

> address associated with the account zhasper, if their is one?

Their response:


The email you used to sign up with is the one you have just used to contact


I have also reset your password.

It is now: xxxxxxxx

Feel free to change it once you log back in.

After some prodding and poking and trying to understand what I was doing wrong, I realised what was going on, so sent this response:


You've reset the password for zhasper_, the account that I already

knew the pasword too, that I have no problem accessing.

I was asking about the account zhasper - note the lack of underscore.


This morning, I get this response:


New Password: xxxxxxx

Guess which account had its password reset?

I'm narky now.

You've reset zhasper_ again. I'm not having problems with that

account. Try again.

Lets see if they get it right this time.