So I've changed the way I do linkblogging. Instead of FeedBurner inserting blocks into the feed, I'm now using Google's Shared Stuff for linkblogging.

If you're reading my main feed, viola, you'll be getting the linkblogging to, thanks to Drupal's Leech module pulling things in.

If you just want the linkblog, you can grab it from

Along the way, I created some feedflare - you'll see a "Share this!" item on each item in the feed - and each item in my main feed too, for that matter. This will take you straight to the Shared Stuff widget that lets you share the item yourself.

Yes, I just created a FeedBurner feedflare that lets you add feeds to Shared Stuff. I'm a company shill, what did you expect?

If you want the feedflare for yourself, it's at

Note for the reader team: shared items in gReader need to go into Shared Stuff.

Note for Shared Stuff team: I want people who know my gmail address to be able to find my Shared Stuff easily. At the moment, the only way they can find it is if I tell them where it is.

[Update 24/09/2007 18:39]Urgh, that was ugly. I've removed the linkbloggy thing from the main site; if you want to see it, sign up to the linkblog feed seperately.