Because, after all, that's what you're all hanging out for, isn't it?

* New iPod range

I won't be getting one. My music collection runs to about 23Gb, and that's before I start putting in the videos I want to carry with me (and might watch on an iPod). Unless it can hold my entire collection, it can't replace my existing 30Gb model. Unless it can have the same tiny form-factor, ruggedness, and shock-resistance as my shuffle (gumstick model of course, not the clippy model that I hate), it can't replace that either.

As far as web browsing and such goes - I've got my n800 for that, and it runs a (mostly) open OS and application stack, so it's getting better all the time. Until the iPod runs a stack that's just as open, it can't replace that either. Oh yeah - and it needs an 800x600 screen, too - none of this 320x480 nonsense.

If my iPod died, at this point, I'd replace it with a Classic. Once they have sufficient capacity to hold my whole library, I'd think about it.

* Brisneyland

Rocks! I hired a bike today from Riders. I rode... wait..

Here you go - an map of what happened:

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Google Rocks (and I'm not just saying that because I work there :p)

My legs are bloody sore now.

Click on the "Larger version" link for notes about the legs of the trip.

The total ride was about 30km. I rode almost the entire way on bikepaths, with a few forays onto bike lanes on roads. I road across one pedestrian/bike only bridge, and another that takes busses as well.

Brisbane is really doing well at putting in the infrasctructure, especially public transport (and roads), to sustain a lot of growth. The second bridge already makes it much faster for a lot of people to use public transport than drive to uni. Likewise, the two existing busways (and the twoish more currently in production) link other places via public transport in a way that isn't subject to peak hour traffic - and thus make it faster to take public transport to those places than to drive there in peak hour.

The bike integration is good too: bikes are encouraged on ferries and trains (with limitations during peak hour), and even busses are started to be equipped with bike carriers. At West End ferry wharf, there's a shed for you to lock your bike in - an extra level of protection from the elements and from vandalism above just an average bike rack, designed for regular commuters. There were bike paths everywhere.

Integrated ticketing, and sensible zoning, make transitioning between different modes of transport painless. They're even working on integrating taxis into the rest of the public transport system, to make up for those tiny shortfalls where, say, a train line doesn't quite connect to a bus route, that only affect a few people and really aren't cost effective any other way.

I'll be moving up here just as soon as we open a Brisbane office..

* gReader

Rawks! It now tells me I have 1000+ items, instead of just 100+. And - It has search! OMFG! Rawxt! Thanks so much to the team who worked on that, whoever you are!