Some photos I've taken recently. All available over on flickr

Yes, they move doghouses. You either know what this is about, or you don't.

This was in the inflight magazine on the flight.

Full text reads:

Without a Net?

Google has made a major breakthrough with web applications such as its free online word processor and spreadsheet. User's(sic) had complained that although they worked well, they only worked online. Google now has a way to make them work without an internet connection.

They're kinda right - they're referring to Gears, of course. It's a pity the only company with a public release demonstrating using Gears for word processing is Zoho, a competitor of Google's.....

Screens are currently showing the DriverCam view. Just to my right, there's a series of screens down the aisle, a la many planes.

The longer distance trains have screens on the back of the seat in front, with a choice of 5 movie/entertainment channels and ~8 radio channels. This model just has the radio.

Queensland trains rock.

LolKitties for Christ. Nuff said.

Only in Brisneyland do you need, not just a sign warning you of the "Automatic Escalator", but instructions on how to use same.

Seen outside a cheap hotel:

As opposed to internet that gets switched off between 10pm and 6am, so that our guest s can get a good night's sleep