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Last year, lots of people helped out a great deal with a survey that was being conducted on Australian TV Downloading and its effect on the free-to-air networks. The media loved it... feature articles in the Australian, and 6 months later we saw the FTA networks start to alter their business models and offer downloads of selected shows.

What's your opinion on the state of TV in Australia, and does have nice n' fast broadband access mean you will change how you watch TV?

The guy who did the survey last time, Adam Zuchetti, has just a few weeks ago started a new research project into TV Downloading and Broadband access, and I'm hoping you guys can help him out once more in doing a short survey.

The link is:

It would mean the world if you could take a look at the survey and complete it, and if you have any ideas who else would be interested in such things, please let me know.

Thanks everyone!