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Tweet of the day

Actually, a cluster thereof.

grum: wondering if there is any way i can poop without leaving my desk

trib:@grum too much info, Chris

grum: @trib too much info? no way! this office chair toilet combo could make me rich!

grum: I could sell it to @jasoncalacanis to increase productivity at mahalo!

Dear Myer

Dear Myer,

It’s great that you’ve got a website where I can track my points balance.

It’s great that you’re using open source.

It’s great that you’re pretending to care about me, by personalising the site based on my recent activity.

But do you really think that inspiring slogans like “This is the ALTERNATE message” are going to make me feel special? You really think that “OpenCMS resource /myerone/content/myprofile/my_summary” is going to persuade me to spend more money with you?

Please, try again.

Tweet of the day

(dlsspy): Has anyone seen XKCD #404? 403’s there, and 405’s there, but I can’t find 404.

Oh Randall Munroe, you wily sexy funny man. I want to have your babies.