Dear Stilgherrian Sir[1],

What is your take on Vodafone's new prepay plans, with The Interwebs Included? Start of a Jesus-phone-induced mobile internet revolution, or just a marketing ploy?

I'm going to call them tomorrow to clarify if when they say "Surf the real Internet on Your Mobile", they mean the 12c/Mb "real Internet" or the 2.2c/kb "real Internet", as it's not clear. If the former, this makes their caps similar in value to Optus Turbo Cap plans - which, I note are expiring on 30th September - although, that doesn't mean they won't be replaced with identical plans..

[1] I'm optimistic enough to believe you subscribe here already, realistic enough to know that you don't, and enough of a company shill to be certain that either way you'll get a nice email from my employer notifying you that someone took your name in vain.