Curse those productive wordpress fiends.

Typical. The *day* after I stay up all night migrating from drupal to wordpress 2.6, they release wordpress 2.7 (Coltrane). How dare they give me shiny new goodness!

It’s very shiny indeed. It took me all of 5 minutes to upgrade (with only one false attempt; fortunately, “bzr revert -r 1” saved me).

Is every day of being a wordpress user like this?


  1. Sherif says:

    To answer your question… No.. bhahah

  2. zhasper says:

    You would spoil it for me!

    My challenge for tonight: opensocial. I mean: friendconnect.

  3. zhasper says:

    Well. Got friendconnect working. Marvelled at the pointlessness of it all. Turned it back off. Good to see it’s easy, can’t wait till it’s also useful.

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