Bet you never even noticed I was gone.

I've made a few minor changes to the site: switched to a new server, switched from debian to ubuntu, switched from drupal to wordpress. Nothing major.

If you've just had to plow through a flood of old entries re-appearing in gReader, my apologies. Please leave a comment below to let me know how upset you are!

Edit 11/12/08 02:05 - I now have the feed that should have been showing up on Planet Slug working at last, so any post I judge slugworthy will now show up there. More work to come soon - for one thing, have to get one of the friendfeed plugins working, to merge comments-here and comments-there.

Edit 11/12/08 02:32 - I've now fixed the URL that LJ has been trying to fetch from as well, which has probably been broken for quite some time. Assuming LJ follows the 302 to feedburner, the 15 or so people still stuck in that walled garden should see some updates as well. I still have no plans to follow the comments there - but your LJ is an openid thinger. Just stick your LJ address in the "Website" field of the comment box and you'll be able to verify that it's really you posting comments.