SMH: Not so clever with the counting

It seems that as well as firing all their journalists, SMH have forgotten how to do math.


Well done!


  1. Grant says:

    I’m always amused by SMH’s gung-ho approach to their website, because its not like people actually *read* things there, right?

    I’ve emailed them a few times asking about typos, grammatical errors and downright mistakes, to the response:

    “Given the fast paced nature of online media it is nearly impossible to guarantee an error free website”

    Now whilst this may be true, ‘error free’ is remarkably different to ‘a typo in every other sentence’. Most other people seem to get it right as well.

    Hello, by the way.

  2. James says:

    I think that list has no bearing on reality at all. They probably hand pick the list to show more trashy, grabby titles in more places on the website.

  3. Maybe they fired all the journalists who could do maths?

    Mediawatch ran a great piece earlier this year about how traditional print news organisations in Australia are evolving to deal with the web.

    Jonathan Holmes: Has anyone yet – given you’ve a vested interest in this – found a model to make that sort of quality journalism pay online?

    Eric Beecher: Not on that scale. Not with editorial staff of hundreds of journalists doing all the things that that kind of journalism does in print, no.

  4. j00 says:

    Math? Isn’t it maths?

  5. You’ll find that and are both the same site, hence the discrepancy. 🙂

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