So. 2.7 is nice and shiny, yay.

Other plugins I'm using:

Akismet of course, for comment-spam (it's already detected one, which Drupal's anti-spam probably would have missed).

FD Feedburner Plugin, to redirect feeds off to Feedburner. I foolishly migrated from to yesterday, so now there are two redirects when you try to grab my feeds, but otherwise this works fine.

Friendfeed Comments, in case of the unlikely event that anyone comments on any of these posts over on FF.

Google Analyticator, for inserting of Google Analytics magic codez in all the right places (and not inserting when I'm logged in, so I don't track myself)

Google XML Sitemaps, for better indexation by Google

MobilePress, for a funky iPhone interface

OpenID, for OpenID auth, commenting, and registration

Platinum SEO Pack, because it has magic which corrects for the fact that URLs to posts aren't quite what they used to be.

Register Plus, so that you don't have a boring registration experience.

Subscribe to Comments - for the cool "email me updates" option below the comment form

Use Google Libraries, to send a small part of the bandwidth for the site to someone else (and hopefully make page loads faster for you)

WP Super Cache, for caching of the site (and again, hopefully faster loading and diggproofing)

What else is cool that I should be using?