Remember when Cityrail decided that trying to get trains to run on time was too hard, so they just redefined "on time" to make things easier?

Remeber how shortly afterwards Cityrail had posters all over the stations with graphs showing the huge increase in on-time running compared to the same time last year - and didn't mention that the two sets of numbers used different definitions of "on time"?

They're doing it again. Cityrail has a target of no more than 5% of services running at more than 135% passenger capacity - but over the last two years, the actual figure has been 16%. Rather than trying to fix the problem, they're redefining the target to be 17%.

Keep in mind that this is not 16% of services at full capacity: this is 16% of services at least 35% *over* the rated capacity of the carriage.

Well done Shittyfail!