Talking to a workmate who has a sick cat led to looking at Medibank Private's pet cover.

This led to the source of (apparently) all pet insurance in Australia; which then led to comparison shopping between the various resellers.

The differences are amusing, but annoying. One provides 15k total cover; but only $500 for tick paralysis. Another only offers 9k total cover; but removes the restrictions on what percentage of that can be used for drugs/medication vs how much is for dental care. None of them cover treatment for leukemia in cats; but some add an additional clause declining to cover any condition for which there is a vaccine.

I'd like to go with the RSPCA - if someone has to make a profit, they seem like a better choice than some of the for-profit companies. But the limits are half that provided by Medibank, while the premiums are double. Sure you can skim profit off the top, but that doesn't mean I want you to gouge me for every cent I own.

Gah. Choices, that aren't really choices. Just what I wanted.