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Strong passcodes for your iPhone

Also – how to make it self-destruct in <10 invalid passcode attempts.

Shtep One: Download the iPhone Configuration Utility from Apple

Shtep Two: Futz with the Stuffz


Not shown: there’s an option at the bottom where you can stipulate self-wipe after as little as 5 incorrect passphrase attempts.

Shtep 3: Upload config as per instructions in the “Installing Configuration Profiles” section of the Deployment Guide.


Ways to make me unsubscribe from your feed #1

I’ve noticed a trend where a lot of feeds are including large blocky ads at the bottom of each feed item. I can live with that; a little ugly, but I can skip them easily.

Today I saw something new:


That’s right: two complete posts consisting of nothing more than the same ad.

Scrolling down shows me that the very next item is exactly the same add from “The Fail Blog”, another site operated by the same company.

Ads with content I can stand. Ads without content?  *unsubscribe*

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