Vic Gundotra (still using a pseudonym, still insisting that you can't do the same) has announced that more than 90 million "people" have joined Google+; that 60% of those people sign in daily, and 80% weekly.

I recently deleted one of my Google+ accounts (I forget how many I had - it was at least two, possibly 3). I'm not going to suggest that I'm normal and that the real figure is more like 40 million people, but I do think it's disingenuous to talk about "people" when you really mean "accounts".

Before I deleted the account, I signed in at least once a week - to deal with the annoying notification that infected my gmail to let me know that some random I didn't care about had circled me.

I ended up deleting my account for reasons I outlined in my last post. I'm now using one of my other accounts to follow a select few people who are doing interesting things with Hangouts - so few people that Google wastes around 220 pixels of vertical space on a message nagging me to follow more people.

I hope these numbers, although meaningless, will at least trigger large bonuses for all my friends still working at Google. That would be nice, right?