A couple of months ago, after my second week of trying Marley Spoon, I wrote a post summarising what I'd found using it and Hello Fresh.

You might think this is an update to tell you about the third and subsequent weeks - after all, I did say at the end of that post that I'd be sticking with it but keeping HelloFresh around to try out occasionally.

Things didn't work out that way though. The first week with Marley Spoon, my food had been left on the street, in the rain, at 2am - 4 hours before the 6am delivery window started. I updated my delivery instructions to explicitly tell them to call me at any time of day or night when the box was delivered; but despite this, the second week's delivery was again delivered in the middle of the night and I wasn't called.

The third week my box didn't turn up at all. One of Marley Spoon's features is that you can choose which 3 (out of 7) recipes you want in your box each week. Apparently when I made changes to my delivery the website decided that I really wanted to cancel the delivery. I wasn't notified of this until after my box didn't arrive.

So I switched back to HelloFresh and I've been using them every since. Their boxes arrive on time, and their recipes don't have missing steps or missing ingredients.

I'd like to give HelloFresh a try again at some point in the future, but it won't happen when their facebook page has posts likethis or this or this sitting on top. It sounds like they still haven't got deliveries sorted out - which is a bit of a shortcoming in a delivery service.