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Double-yew Tee Eff?

If anyone can explain this to me, I’ll be eternally less bemused (and maybe even grateful, although that will depend on the explanation).

What the?

Okay, so I can tell that it’s promoting safe(r) sex, but still…


Just happened to see the second-last LJ post I ever made. This was f-locked, so most people probably haven’t seen it.

It’s entertaining reading, if only because I can’t for the life of me figure out who half of these people are.

No, wait, I can. HAH!

1:40:28 AM i was just at a party

1:40:35 AM it was A’s party

1:40:40 AM A has just moved in with B…

1:41:04 AM who I’ve always thought was hot, but has never shown any interest in me.. until tonight, when he came up behind me for a would-you-like-to-stay-tonight cuddle

1:41:27 AM while this happened, C was passed out on Bs bed after too much drinking

1:41:44 AM C was kinda dating A a couple of years ago

1:41:54 AM and a year or so before that, had been shagging me

1:42:08 AM Also at the party was D, who both A and I were chasing at one time

1:42:20 AM this led to us being together at mardi gras, and D ordered A and I to kiss

1:42:28 AM we did, much to our everlasting surprise…

1:42:50 AM Fortunately, C was taken home by his flatmate, E

1:43:00 AM who I’ve slept with…

1:43:11 AM E and C also live with F

1:43:18 AM F’s ex, G wasn’t at the party.

1:43:49 AM This is partly because G doesn’t like F, but also because H (who G has slept with) was at the party

1:44:10 AM i am conivced you are making this up now

1:44:26 AM H’s ex is F…

1:44:58 AM H’s friend X was also there

1:46:19 AM X confessed tonight that at one point he was rimming J in my lounge room while I was off showering or something…

1:46:22 AM J is, of course, my ex.

1:46:35 AM J was also, a few years ago, interested briefly in K

1:46:45 AM who, naturally, I’ve somewhat slept with.

1:46:56 AM somewhat?

1:47:03 AM K tonight was getting a lot of attention from C, before C passed out

1:47:20 AM but I don’t think K’s interested in C…

1:47:25 AM K does work with L though.

1:47:49 AM L’s bf, M, used to date G

1:48:11 AM did I mention that G used to live with E and F?

1:48:20 AM I’m going to give up now..

1:48:24 AM but you see what kind of night I’ve had 🙂